this is an archib lol

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101 mac I'm in class right now, sooooo booooored...
101 7 7
101 9 e
101 0 @mac The hotdog was very tasty.
101 mac @0 Report back when you do it! I'm very interested.
101 0 Soon going to eat hotdog.
101 mac Just ate a bowl of cereal, it was awesome!
101 mac @joaog I haven't, but I've heard Smash is pretty cool! How do you play?
101 joaog Who Play Super Smash Bros?
101 mac Just woke up!
101 intel but im the 2nd haahaha @jasonoso
101 mail mail
101 jasonoso lol im the 3rd bweeter >:)
101 vistafan12 how I can change my first name here? lol
101 mac @conneath Haha, that's inappropriate!
101 conneath sex
101 mac That image, if anyone is interested.
101 mac Oops, I mis-bweeted. Meant for there to be an https://, and for the ending to be .PNG, not .JPG. Oh well!
101 mac I'm bweeting from my iPhone 2G now!
101 mac I'm bweeting from my Wii!
101 mac Hey guys, I made an (unofficial) Bwitter Discord!
101 mac Feeling like eating goldfish again...
101 mac @squid I think you have to add it when you sign up. You can contact the site owner on Discord, and he'll probably change it for you.
101 squid how do i add a pfp
101 mac Aww, I couldn't bweet an image... :(
101 mac <img src="https:&sol;&sol;;macfrombv&sol;resources&sol;master&sol;fart.gif">
101 mac @joaog I'm the 7th! @Jeus Oh no! @intel Yes!
101 intel @mac is it good
101 Jeus @mac it is over, we are doomed
101 mac Currently eating another bag of Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar.
101 joaog I’m am 11th User On Bwitter
101 mac 04_RATATOUILLE_Django.jpg
101 joaog Who Like Eddsworld?
101 BobertCrum
101 mac
101 joaog @mac lol
101 mac @joaog Did... Did you just bweet nothing?
101 a Alt account has been created.
101 joaog
101 mac @joaog Hello! Welcome to Bwitter!
101 joaog Hello Guys
101 NiggerBeater update: i found a new video cause the guy in the last one wouldnt stop moaning
101 mac Eating goldfish. They're flavor blasted.
101 mac Currently feeling like eating goldfish.
101 mac @lana777 I know that feeling.
101 Iana777 Me sleepy, but hungry at the same time.
101 mac @OrBuLon Hello! Welcome to Bwitter!
101 OrBuLon just joined
101 BobertCrum spilled my soda on my cheeseburger, and now i have soggy bread.
101 NiggerBeater beating my dick
101 mac I kinda need to pee.
101 mac Hey, guys! I just got my Bwitter account, I'm really excited! How are you guys doing?
101 Bittube20078 @Iana777 I remember in the late 2010s
101 Iana777 Anyone remember Danny Phantom?
101 Iana777 Users: 6 (Technically 7 if that one user wasn't deleted.)
101 Bittube20078 who remembers nickelodeon in the 90s?
101 Bittube20078 nothing* sorry keyboards >:(
101 Bittube20078 Mpthing
101 intel @sniped128 true
101 sniped128 @intel sniped makes awesome bangers too
101 jasonoso h
101 9 vitbiew
101 intel hey guys intel back with another banger i got banned on bwitter! all my homies hate bwitter
101 Iana777 And @9 is 1st.
101 sniped128 but intel am 4th am sueprier.......... ok kjk ur so cool u make epic bangers
101 Iana777 @sniped128 Mhm.
101 intel im 2nd no joke !!1
101 sniped128 @lana777 cool
101 Iana777 I'm the 5th.
101 sniped128 i am the 4th bwitter user who also made the 5th bweet! muahahahah!!1 >:) sub to me on bitview kthxbai.
101 intel bmf is like
101 sniped128 wow i had my pfp changed so epic thanks @9 also bmf is shit too @intel
101 Iana777 I'm new here, nice to meet you all.
101 jasonoso I made a new site
101 intel bmf is dog shit
101 9 helo guy's)
101 sniped128 bmf stinks
101 intel i love cantaloupe
101 sniped128 how do i change my profile image HELP
101 sniped128 hey guys i am the 4th to register here
101 intel i hateb itview i am returning to rbitwer so i can escape from bmtf
101 jasonoso 3rd
101 intel 2nd
101 9 first



Currently: I'm in class right now, sooooo booooored...